Those Who Are Trying to Enslave Us Are Also Trying to Kill as Many as Possible!

There is a cabal of powerful individuals who are trying to take over the United States, as well as the whole world. Because they believe in depopulation, they are also trying to kill as many people as possible!

They are doing so with lab-created viruses; by forcing or coercing people to take experimental “vaccines” that have not been safety tested; by flooding the world with lethal, highly-addictive recreational drugs; with drug wars and gang violence associated with those drugs; by reducing energy supplies to keep people warm in winter and cool in summer; by reducing food supplies; by allowing violent criminals to remain free; by trying to disarm people and render them defenseless; etc. 

Wake up, people! Get organized! The lives of you and your family and your freedom will be lost if you don’t.

One of the best places to keep up with the machinations of those trying to enslave us is The David Knight Show. Find out where to find it at

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